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Links 10/28/19

Kincade Fire forces mass evacuations, burns 84 square miles as containment drops to 5% Sacramento Bee

Climate change: the CMBS angle FT Alphaville. Must-read.

Home Prices Are Sliding in Manhattan’s Costliest Neighborhoods Bloomberg

The private sector alone will not deliver the energy transition FT

So much for a cashless society: Currency is popular again, especially the $100 bill Los Angeles Times


Brexit: EU agrees extension as Boris Johnson looks to trigger UK election — latest news FT

France yields on January 31 Brexit extension Politico

Lib Dems offer Johnson route to December election Guardian. An amendment to the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act (!).

Brexit: into the darkness EU Referendum

The long Brexit ordeal will finish off the break-up of Britain Guardian (PD).

Wilmès becomes first female PM of Belgium EU Observer. Belgium has been without a full federal government since December 2018.

Germany’s Left party tops Thuringia election, far-right AfD surges to second Deutsche Welle

Uruguay’s Presidential Election Headed to November Runoff Bloomberg

Argentina’s center-left Peronists celebrate return to power AP


The tip, the raid, the reveal: The takedown of al-Baghdadi AP. Take all of these stories with a truckload of salt.

Pelosi, Schumer call for briefing on death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi The Hill

Attacking the Leader, Missing the Mark: Why Terrorist Groups Survive Decapitation Strikes International Security. April 2014, still germane.

Ahead of Gantz meeting, PM urges broad unity government for sake of security Times of Israel. Bibi: “We need to make tough decisions that require a broad-shouldered government.” See also.

Casting Doubt: Trusting Whistleblowers More Than International Institutions–Syrian CW Attack on Douma Global Justice in the 21st Century

OPCW Losing Credibility As Even More Revelations Surface On Douma Caitlin Johnstone (UserFriendly).


Kashmir is seething — and somebody needs to step in before it’s too late Independent

The Koreas

The Assassination of Park Chung Hee (documents) Money Doesn’t Talk, It Swears

What is the problem with rising dependency ratios in Japan – Part 1? Bill Mitchell (UserFriendly).


Soul-searching for China’s Communist Party elite as they consider way ahead South China Morning Post

China’s Bid for Commodity Price Clout Extends to Natural Gas Bloomberg

Trump Transition

President Donald Trump greeted with boos at Game 5 of World Series, fans chant ‘lock him up’ USA Today. As close to the sound of tumbrils as we are likely to get, from this crowd.

A single weekend showcases the Trump presidency’s highs and lows CNN

Heading off a rail disaster underneath the Hudson NY Post

Secretive military spaceplane lands in Florida after record-long orbital flight Reuters

Impeach DeVos, Not Trump: Democrats should focus on Betsy DeVos’ outrageous mismanagement of the student-loan program Condemned to Debt (UserFriendly).


No, Trump Isn’t Too Stupid to Be Impeached The American Conservative

‘Crisis of confidence’: John Roberts’ impeachment role prompts recusal rumblings Washington Times (Furzy Mouse). Trial balloon.

Democrats in Disarray

Democratic Rep. Katie Hill to resign amid allegations of improper relationship with staffer Los Angeles Times

The battle to keep this country together will be harder in some provinces than others CBC

Health Care

Private equity-backed nursing company linked to serious safety lapses Becker’s Hospital Review


How Europe’s Greedy Lending to Africa Is Driving the Migration Wave That Fuels the EU’s Xenophobic Politics Socialist Economist

Intergenerational Mobility of Immigrants in the US over Two Centuries NBER

Our Famously Free Press

We sold Pando Sarah Lacy, Pando

Can a ‘nobody’ make a popular, financially stable podcast? Columbia Journalism Review

What Holocaust Restitution Taught Me About Slavery Reparations Politico

Guillotine Watch

Little Donny has such a sense of entitlement:

Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan The Atlantic

Class Warfare

Backfire? Amazon may have just made this election about itself. Seattle Times

Public Monopolies Are a Good Thing Jacobin

Asynchronous Communication: The Real Reason Remote Workers Are More Productive Doist

How aerial technology has changed filmmaking forever The Week

Kyoto’s Gion neighborhood cracks down on photography CNN

Breaking Bread Cabinet Magazine

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