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Links 10/30/19

Gender reveal explosion in Waukee second example in as many days of celebration attracting police presence Des Moines Register

New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding Nature

Extreme fire weather could be the worst ‘in recent memory’ LA Times

Despair for Many and Silver Linings for Some in California Wildfires NYT. The front page teaser reads: “Wildfires Highlight the Divide Between California’s Rich and Poor.”

FCC: Marin cell sites failed broadly amid Kincade fire Marin Independent Journal (JBird4049).

California shows the difficulties of hardening the nation to climate change Editorial Board, WaPo. I’m not sure what dead metaphor would be correct, but “hardening” is wrong. The last thing we need is more impermeable surfaces….

Greta Thunberg declined a climate award because the world needs more action, fewer awards CNN

Vatican cardinals linked to missing millions and financial scandal Catholic News Agency (boz).

The Allure and Limits of Monetized Fiscal Deficits Nouriel Roubini, Project Syndicate (Skippy).


U.K. to Destroy Commemorative 50p Coins in Brexit Meltdown Bloomberg (vlade).

Will Boris Johnson’s high stakes election gamble backfire? FT

Why UK election outcome is impossible to predict Politico

Johnson would really rather lose this election, but may not get what he wants Tax Research UK

Could Boris Johnson have passed his Brexit Bill? The UK in a Changing Europe

Tusk says farewell:


Journalist Max Blumenthal Arrested And Charged In Political Prosecution ShadowProof

Weaponizing Venezuela’s ex-ruling elite Yasha Levine


A Sudden-Seeming Power Shift in the Middle East Consortium News

Led by Sanders, Democrats vow to press Israel on Palestinian state Agence France Presse

Saudi Arabia is $3.4B behind on its payments for Canadian LAVs CBC


The explosive truth about the link between Chinese fireworks and India’s dim Diwali South China Morning Post

The Koreas

South Korea compares Japan’s ‘rising sun’ flag to swastika as Olympic row deepens Guardian

In South Korea’s dangerous shipyards, subcontracted workers are most at risk Reuters


Xi’s in Charge: What the Fourth Plenum Tells Us about Xi Jinping’s Hold on Power CSIS

China’s Communists hold key meeting amid rising challenges AP

China Steelmaker Default Sparks Debt Contagion Fear in Province Bloomberg

Sri Lanka’s ‘debt trap’ port thriving, Chinese owners claim Nikkei Asian Review

The factory workers at the frontline of US-China relations FT

U.S. set to disappoint Asia with downgraded delegation for Bangkok summits Reuters

Pompeo Drops the Niceties on the Quad: What Now? The Diplomat

New Cold War

Ukraine, separatists both pull back heavy weapons from east AP


The Frenzy About Russia Has Undermined Progressive Agendas Normon Solomon, Truthout. Apparently, after three years of hysteria about RussiaGate, it’s not featuring in the impeachment “inquiry” at all. Odd.


Democrats unveil impeachment procedures The Hill (Resolution).

White House Ukraine Expert Sought to Correct Transcript of Trump Call NYT

Trump Transition

Is Trump Facing 1960’s-style Revolts? The American Conservative. No.

Navy Reduces Punishment for SEAL in War Crimes Case NYT. While John Yoo has tenure and gigs as a talking head, and Gina Haspel heads the CIA. It’s a funny old world.

Democrats in Disarray

Chelsea, Lately The former First Daughter is, at 39, trying to figure out what her own life looks like. New York Magazine. “It’s not hard to imagine she wouldn’t have at least been considered as a choice by a President Hillary Clinton for, say, secretary of Education or Health and Human Services.”

Guillotine Watch

A decade after massive bailout, AIG celebrated on Capitol Hill Politico

‘OK Boomer’ Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations NYT. Because a 75-year-old Walmart greeter and a 75-year-old billionaire are more alike than different. The Times agnotology desk was working overtime on this one.

Class Warfare

State of Health Among American Men Reveals Death and Despair Bloomberg. Everything’s going according to plan!

When Talking About Social Determinants, Precision Matters Health Affairs

How the Rich Are Different: Hierarchical Power as the Basis of Income Size and Class Blair Fix, SocArXiv

Democracy is Hard Work Grassroots Economic Organizing. Important.

Jenny Sabin Studio’s “Ada” Embeds AI in Architecture at Microsoft Architect (Nippersmom).

Silicon Valley should take Josh Hawley’s big war on big tech seriously ReCode

Maybe It’s Not YouTube’s Algorithm That Radicalizes People Wired

Everything is Amazing, But Nothing is Ours Alex Danco

Antidote du jour (via):

Bonus antidote:

That’s one relaxedx warthog.

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