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Links 5/1/2021

Happy May Day! Kiss a socialist for me!

American Horse Racing Still at a Crossroads on Derby Day Patch

Billion-Year-Old Scottish Fossil Could Be The Oldest Proto-Animal Ever Found IFLScience (BC)

Firefighters Out There in the Snow’: Wildfires Rage Early in Parched West New York Times (David L)


Man Banned From Carrying ‘Loose QR Codes’ After Altering Covid Check-In Signs Gizmodo (dk)

Brazilian senate votes to suspend patents in bid to widen access to Covid-19 vaccines STAT


Human to animal transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in households is common

They Survived Covid. Now They Need Lung Transplants. New York Times (resilc)

Rapid spread of India Covid variant in UK is ‘worrying’, say scientists Guardian

Israel logs Indian COVID-19 variant, sees some vaccine efficacy against it Reuters (resilc)


Stories from inside India’s Covid disaster: ‘No one has seen anything like this’ Financial Times.

India Is What Happens When Rich People Do Nothing Atlantic (resilc)

India’s Covid crisis set to derail world economy Asia Times

US to curb travel from India due to Covid surge Financial Times. Shutting the barn door when the horse is in the next county.

Experts warn Indians of dangers of trying to make oxygen at home Reuters

Philippines headed towards India-like Covid crisis – Asia Times (resilc)


Pro-Trump and anti-vax sites urging people to forge COVID-19 vaccination cards, says CDC The Hill

President Biden will not rule out ordering military to get vaccinated Today (resilc)

Tens of thousands of U.S. vets living overseas left to find COVID vaccine doses on their own Military Times

Defusing the culture war over masks outdoors Columbia Journalism Review


Europe’s economy shrinks amid slow vaccine rollouts and lockdowns Washington Post (Kevin W)


Myanmar: From diplomacy to force Bangkok Post. Lambert says this is one of the best pieces he’s seen in English.


UK fishing industry furious over failure to strike Norway deal Financial Times

The Brexit roots of the scandals Chris Grey (guurst)

As I said to Anthony L via e-mail, “I thought one of the points of having gone to Eton was to know to avoid stuff like this. This looks like what happens at the start when you walk into a British club and drop acid.”

SNP in Disarray

‘I’m not proposing a referendum right now’ says Sturgeon in independence U-turn as elections loom RT (Kevin W)

New Cold War

An example of why vlade has doubts about Russian hypersonic weapons: “They lost a very much of the actual manufacturing know-how.”



Why Mohammed bin Salman Suddenly Wants to Talk to Iran Foreign Policy (UserFriendly)

Taliban Protected US Bases From Other Groups After Peace Deal Was Signed Antiwar (Kevin W)

Along the Water London Review of Books. On Egypt and water scarcity.

Washington Must Act Now to Save Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Negotiations Among Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan Foreign Policy. UserFriendly: “The Nobel committee sure knows how to pick’em.

Internet of Shit

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Trump Transition

Justice ramps up Giuliani probe The Hill


Growing Number of Migrant Families Allowed Into U.S. to Seek Asylum Wall Street Journal

Hunter Biden STILL owns stake in Chinese equity firm 100 days into his father’s presidency despite Joe’s vow that NONE of his family would hold foreign business interests Daily Mail

Health Care

Joe, You Forgot About Lowering the Medicare Age Washington Monthly (resilc)

It’s Time To Expand Medicare Bernie Sanders. On the need for vision, hearing and dental care.

With Florida Bill, Republicans Continue Unrelenting Push to Restrict Voting New York Times

Black Injustice Tipping Point

The Toxicity of the Permanent Outrage Mentality Newsweek (furzy)

Our Famously Free Press

Not Just User Generated Content: Liberal Government Also Want the CRTC to Regulate Apps Under Bill C-10 Michael Geist (HJR)

JHR: “The Minister responsible for Bill C-10 not being able to explain its impact on freedom of speech in Canada.”:

An Example of the Importance of Signage: When U.S. Drivers Don’t Know How to Use a Roundabout Core77 (resilc). Ahem, “traffic circle” or “rotary”.

The Dangerous Myth of ‘Taxpayer Money’ Splinter (furzy)

The Lumber and Chip Shortages Have the Same Root Cause: Underinvestment Barron’s (resilc)

Ruthless and Truthless London Review of Books (Anthony L). On modern politics.

Class Warfare

The Labor Battle for the Right to Pee New Republic

Why Jamie Dimon, Walmart and McDonald’s Want to Hire Ex-Convicts Bloomberg

Weary of Work Lapham’s Quarterly (Anthony L)

Antidote du jour (CV):

And a bonus (Chuck L):

Another bonus (guurst):

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